In order to effectively achieve the strategic goal of product upgrading, Dongya Xinhua sincerely invites service and product companies to join, carrying out mutually beneficial cooperation, and being committed to establishing a strategic partnership to bring a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Service

    Architectural planning and design, garden landscape design, interior design, general building construction, garden landscape construction, interior decoration construction, etc.;


    Mechanical and electrical equipment, building materials, value-added products (high-tech, value-added products), etc.

  • The two parties reached a strategic cooperation agreement through a standardized evaluation process, and on this basis, signed corresponding contracts on specific cooperation projects.

  • Concept in Common

    Low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection, humanities, etc., the designers, contractors, and material suppliers with new technologies, new energy, new materials, and new equipment.

    Innovative Thinking

    Designers, contractors, and material suppliers who can provide constructive suggestions for the company's product upgrades in terms of layout, style, function, and quality.

    Shared Benefits

    The material suppliers who can provide standardized products to facilitate our company's large-scale procurement and can significantly improve development efficiency and reduce procurement costs. After a strategic partnership is established, the partners can obtain information on the corresponding material requirements of our company for various projects across the country.

    Mutual Benefit

    To establish a strategic partnership, the two parties will sign a strategic cooperation agreement in terms of price, technology, service, quality, competition, etc., to achieve a certain degree of information sharing, to maximize the advantages of strategic cooperation, and to achieve a common improvement in benefits and efficiency. We use our own superior resources to publicize and market our strategic partners, carry out grouping and large-scale procurement of the products of strategic partners, and maintain a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. We look forward to the joining of all kinds of enterprises to establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship and realize the mutual growth of both parties!


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